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Life is Magic – Drink it in

Are you a café looking for products that make your customers smile and your profitability soar, and that your Baristas will be able to make consistently every time?

Then you are in the right place.

We LOVE  working with cafes and make pretty much everything you could want to sell outside Coffee and Tea, which we leave to the Experts in those areas.

Where we really shine is in making and marketing natural beverage concentrates.

Coffee Syrups

Chai Concentrates

Superfood Latte Concentrates (Turmeric, Matcha and Beetroot)


Iced Tea Concentrates

Frappe Mix

Smoothie bases.

Everything we do is Plant based, Gluten free, Dairy free, Vegan friendly and totally delicious and safe for all to enjoy.

Alchemy grew up working with busy cafes, franchise businesses and at the top end of specialty coffee roasters.

We know what is important for cafes and we create products that deliver on every level

Flavour, Function, Easy of use, versatility, long shelf life and profitability.


Product innovation & service commitment

Café Beverage - Product Innovation and Service Commitment

For 25 years Alchemy has led the café beverage innovation sector from the front. Our team travels the world to follow our obsession with flavour and brings back what we discover to develop products that not only taste fantastic, but are easy to use, versatile and most importantly, highly profitable.

We have two food technologists in-house who love formulating new products and bringing them to market. We follow a stage gate process in new product development (NPD) that ensures only truly great products are created by Alchemy. We provide your business with a dedicated account manager to streamline all communication with the various departments within Alchemy. This one point of contact for your team will liaise across everything from new product development through to store supply.

Alchemy has structured its manufacturing facility around the specific requirements of the Australian café sector. We are a small batch specialist, realising that companies like yours can sometimes need only a small amount of a ‘flash flavour’ that has performed better than planned, so we can do as little as 300 litre runs of product.

Further, our choice of filling equipment allows rapid changeovers, allowing us to do up to 8 flavours in a day. This ensures you never run out of anything.

We love to collaborate! The fact that we are active across the global café sector has us seeing and trying flavours from everywhere. Our deep understanding of Australian cafés means we can develop bespoke product offerings to suit every market.



BPA Free Recyclable PET Bottles

300ml bottles packed in cartons of 6 x 300ml...... 1.8kg
750ml bottles packed in cartons of 6 x 750ml ..... 4.5kg
1L bottles packed in cartons of 6 x 1L..........................6kg
1.5L bottles packed in cartons of 6 x 1.5L...................9kg

HDPE Bottles

2L bottles packed in cartons of 6 x 2L...................... 12kg

All orders are supplied on CHEP pallets.



We offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee on all our products.

Alchemy proudly achieved grade A certification within the globally harmonised and recognised food safety standards GFSI ( BRCGS).

BRC GS stands for British Retail Consortium Global Standards, this UK-based organisation issues global standards for safety and quality across industries through protocols and guidelines. This international model for food safety management systems protects everyone in the supply chain and ensures that all quality, operational criteria, and safety meet the highest standards for retail service production. 

By demonstrating good competence in our own day-to-day practices and procedures Alchemy can ensure our consumers that we are a sound supplier of safe, high quality and authentically delicious products with high product integrity. 



All Alchemy products comply with FSANZ requirements.

Full ingredient lists, nutritional panels and manufacturers contact details are present and correct.

Alchemy coffee syrups have 24-month shelf life, and do not require refrigeration after opening.

Detailed product specifications are available on our website for each product.


We might be biased, but we think we live in paradise

Our commitment to, and love for our planet is in our DNA. Concentrates allow us to do away with single use packaging often sold to outlets with plastics destined for landfill.

A little goes a long way with Alchemy, our beverage bases (specifically Turmeric, Matcha, Beetroot and Chai) make up to 50 drinks, and our concentrates have a long shelf life, so cafés don’t need to fret about best before or use-by dates creeping up before they’ve used all the product.

The footprint we make is always front of mind, therefore we offset our carbon inputs through the founder’s bamboo plantation and farm in northern NSW. We are committed to a recycling program for all the cardboard packaging and containers that come into our factory. We were also one of the first Australian companies to complete the EcoBiz programme in 2003.

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