The 3 best smoothie bases: Mango, banana, and berry 

The 3 best smoothie bases: Mango, banana, and berry 

Smoothies are delicious, refreshing, cool, and fruity drinks which are perfect for hot days. They contain fresh fruit, yoghurt, ice, and milk or a milk alternative which are mixed into a creamy shake using a blender. 

However, having fresh fruit in your cafe, delicatessen or restaurant is not always cost-effective or convenient. Chopping fruit when your team needs to serve and make other orders can waste time. That's why Alchemy created a range of delicious, time-saving Smoothie Base Concentrates

What are smoothie bases? 

Smoothie bases are ready-made fruit juice bases that give you a quick and easy way to mix up a delicious smoothie without having the trouble of chopping and blending fresh fruits.

The different types of smoothie bases

Smoothie bases can come in either a liquid concentrate or powder form. Liquid-form smoothie bases are a superior choice as they retain more nutrients and flavours from fresh fruits. Liquid concentrate smoothie bases are also easier to mix into a smoothie, and you are not at risk of serving a lumpy drink to customers. 

It's important to know what's in your smoothie base

When people think of smoothies, they automatically think of natural ingredients. The problem with many pre-prepared smoothie bases is that they contain artificial flavours and colours. That's why Alchemy has come to the party, making the best smoothie bases on the market. Our smoothie bases contain natural ingredients. If people think they are getting drinks with natural flavours and colours, that's what should be served. 

 Alchemy Cordial's Smoothie Bases

Alchemy Cordial's Smoothie Bases are made with simple and natural ingredients like fruit juice and cane sugar. They're perfect for making healthy smoothies without all the fuss. Alchemy Smoothie Bases are liquid and come in three delicious fruity flavours; 

Banana Smoothie Mix

We don't monkey around. Our Banana Smoothie Mix base contains 65% fruit, is gluten-free, dairy-free, and only has natural colours & flavours. 

Mango Smoothie Mix 

We're mad about mangoes. So much so that we pack 70% Fruit into every bottle. Our Mango Smoothie Mix is gluten free, dairy free and only contains natural colours & flavours.

 Mixed Berry Smoothie Mix

We're berry serious about our mixed berries too. Alchemy's Mixed Berry Smoothie Mix base contains 44% Fruit. It's gluten free, dairy free and only has natural colours & flavours.

How do you use Alchemy Smoothie Bases?

Alchemy Smoothie Bases are super easy to use. Add one part concentrate to four parts water, milk, or milk alternative. Add a few scoops of yogurt or yogurt alternative, and ice, then blend! It's as simple as that. 

You can also get creative and mix up your flavours by adding fresh fruits, vegetables, or herbs such as mint if you want to get creative. Speaking about creative, try rimming your glass with our natural cordials for a stunning presentation and an extra flavour boost.

What can you make with Alchemy Smoothie Bases?

Alchemy Smoothie Bases are perfect for making a variety of delicious drinks.

  • Smoothies: This is the most obvious drink you can make with Alchemy Smoothie Blends, but there are others! Read on...
  • Juices: Pour 75ml of Smoothie Blend into a glass and add water and ice
  • Cocktails: Mix our smoothie blends with sparkling water as your base, your favorite mixer juices, spirits (like vodka), or spirit-free mixes.
  • Mocktails: Use our smoothie blends with sparkling water, mixer juices, and zero-alcohol spirits (like our Sinbad's non-alcoholic vodka).
  • Popsicles: Combine one part Alchemy Cordial Smoothie Base with two parts cold water for a delicious popsicle fix! They are gluten, vegan, and dairy-free, which means almost everyone can enjoy them.

Why are Alchemy Smoothie Bases the best?

Alchemy Smoothie Bases are the best smoothie bases because they are made with natural colours and flavours. You can serve drinks that look and taste great without worrying about artificial colours, flavours, or sweeteners. They contain vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other nutrients because we use real fruit to make them.

Get your hands on our smoothie bases...

If you have a cafe, restaurant, bar, or delicatessen and are looking to serve delicious drinks that are quick and easy to make, get Alchemy Smoothie Bases. 

We use the finest ingredients to create rich, vibrant colours. In addition, they are 100% natural, gluten-free and vegan, so you can serve them confidently without worrying about any animal products being used in their creation.

Order your Alchemy Smoothie Bases today.