Smoothies are a popular choice for a fast breakfast or a quick snack throughout the day. They are full of flavour and the appropriate nutrients your body needs to function at its best. To make the best smoothie it is all about keeping the right fruit and veg fresh. Sometimes this is hard to do, especially when the produce doesn’t keep well after a couple of days either leaving you with a very bad smoothie or you throw it into the bin. This means your money is going to waste and after a while it becomes difficult to afford this lifestyle. 

A great way to guarantee the perfect breakfast or quick snack that is consistent week in and week out, is Alchemy Cordial’s Smoothie bases. It is the best solution to avoid breaking the bank without compromising the taste of real fruit and their health benefits. 

In fact, all of Alchemy’s smoothie range uses fruit in our bases to create the perfect flavour. By swapping your unreliable fruit for alchemy’s smoothie bases you are immediately saving yourself a lot of money.

Whether you are a hardcore gym goer, occasional runner or walker, smoothies tend to be a great choice no matter your fitness level. The best time to drink a smoothie is either in the morning, before or after your workout as this will maximize the benefits of these delicious drinks. Breakfast is the most common time to drink a smoothie because not everyone has the time or appetite for a sit-down meal. This is because smoothies are smaller than a meal helping you offset your calories, so you tend to intake less and burn more fat throughout the day. Our pick is a strawberry and banana smoothie, bananas are rich with fiber, and high in carbohydrates which reduces hunger cravings.  No matter the flavour, your energy will be replenished and ready to start your day. 

Smoothie bases keep longer than fresh fruit in the fridge, are certainly cheaper, and can help you remain healthy. You can switch up the flavours and change the combination of mixers to your liking as they are an extremely versatile drink. Smoothies are a modern-day must-have with so much to offer.

Best Banana Smoothie Simple Recipe

  • 60mls of Alchemy Banana Smoothie Base
  • A spoonful of plain or Greek yoghurt
  • Spoonful of honey
  • A splash of water or plant milk of your choice
  • Handful of ice.
  • Blend.